We call it ‘The Balance Blog’ for short.

Life’s a Great Balancing Act. You can say that again!

As women, in particular, we take on a mountain of responsibility – caring for our children, our spouses, our aging parents, our home, while building a career, maintaining wellness, and chasing dreams. Unfortunately, that last part is usually last on the priority list. (Speaking from experience!) Why do we do that to ourselves? Our dreams are just as important as everyone else’s. Perhaps it’s the pressure of perfection we place on ourselves, to be the best version of ourselves, that we can be. Perhaps mirroring our mothers, our mentors, or the images we see in society. Perhaps it’s that we just want to put everyone else first, because chasing our own dreams means actually having to do it, and that can be overwhelming, with everything else on our proverbial plate.

What if we could really do it all? Balance the needs of our family with our own, have a career, be healthy and happy, and be financially sound? Absolutely, YES! It can be done, with a few tweaks, of course. (There are, after all, only 24 hours in a day.) Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done, just because they haven’t done it themselves. We are all a work in progress. There is not one of us that is perfect or has it all figured out, but if we each shared a few things that are working, we might just be able to help one another find the balance we all desire, and so deserve.

The Balance Blog (short for Life’s a Great Balancing Act: The Blog) is our way of sharing our insights into how we, as working mothers, wives, and daughters, at CURO make it through our hectic, schedule packed days, striving to live our best lives, keeping it all together and finding joy in every day.

How do we elevate the world around us and still find ways to rise up ourselves? We’ll strive to answer this question as well as others, as we learn along with with you. Our posts are written by our staff here at CURO or curated from valued sources of inspiration. We hope you find it useful and helpful in achieving all that you dreamed you could.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, tips and stories. If you have something that has worked for you, a question or idea, please share with us. We may contact you and ask to include it in our next post.


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