Divorce Financial Planning

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Divorce can be an incredibly overwhelming time in your life, as many important decisions have to be made during a period of high stress and uncertainty. Financial decisions made during the divorce process will affect you for the rest of your life.

At CURO, we provide financial guidance during each stage of your divorce to help you make more informed decisions. If you’re considering divorce, going through a divorce, or would like more information regarding planning for your future post-divorce, CURO can help. 

What makes CURO unique

At CURO, we have years of experience and extensive knowledge regarding financial and tax issues related to divorcing couples. We specialize in being your trusted advocate who is objectively focused on your financial well-being – this is essential when navigating this difficult and complex process.

With proper planning and expert help from professionals specializing in financially equitable divorce settlements, you can increase your chances of arriving at a divorce settlement that fully addresses your financial long-term needs, and the needs of your family. The divorce process is complex, but by having a team dedicated to the most significant aspects, like custody of the children, division of the assets and creation of a long-term financial plan during and post-divorce, you’ll have the knowledge and the support you need to make the best decisions during all stages.


The Key to an Equitable and Amicable Divorce

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA) is a financial specialist certified by The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts and specifically trained in the financial and tax issues associated with divorce.

A CDFA professional can forecast the long-term effects of a settlement through both extensive experience and the use of proprietary software.  In other words, a CDFA is a financial expert who understands the long-term impact of important financial decisions made during a divorce and can help you navigate the best path for your future.

By using a CDFA, both partners will have a clearer view of their financial futures, allowing both parties to reach an equitable settlement that fully addresses the financial needs and capabilities of both parties.  


Getting StarteD


  • Compile, organize, and inventory financial assets and liabilities.

  • Educate you on your financial position.

  • Identify and clarify inconsistencies in financial information.

  • Trace marital assets to uncover separate property, debt responsibility, and hidden assets.

  • Analyze marital debt and suggest methods for unwinding.

  • Evaluate compensation, retirement plans, insurance, and other employer benefits.

  • Educate you on the financial and tax implications of splitting various assets.

  • Create a detailed net worth statement for you to take to your attorney, mediator, and/or other associated professionals.

Our Divorce Financial Checklist can help you compile all the necessary documents and information you'll need for this process. 


Settlement Negotiation

  • Analyze different settlement proposals with specialized software and prepare scenarios showing cash flow, net worth, and the tax implication of support and sale of assets over the next 20-30 years.

  • Discuss the long-term economic and tax consequences of each settlement option.

  • Help you answer questions such as:

    • Should I keep or sell the house? Can I afford to keep it?

    • Should I ask for more after-tax assets or retirement assets?

    • Should I ask for alimony as a lump sum or in monthly payments? How do I account for something happening to my ex-spouse?

    • Am I going to be ok? Do I have enough money to live on?

  • Determine whether an equal settlement today is an equitable settlement in the future before you enter an agreement.


Financial Independence (Post Divorce)

  • Open new accounts and coordinate the transfer of your settlement assets.

  • Assist in developing a budget for your new financial life.

  • Design a comprehensive, personalized financial plan based on your independent financial goals and monitor it on an ongoing basis.

  • Provide ongoing investment advice and asset management.


How We Work

Step 1:  We'll begin with a 30-minute complimentary phone conversation to get an overview of your specific situation.

Step 2:  We meet for a one-hour consultation at our hourly rate, so that we can get to know more about you.

          a.   You will receive a comprehensive list of documents to compile for the meeting.

          b.  We will discuss your situation in depth and identify how we can help.

          c.  We will prepare a summary of our meeting, initial recommendations, and next steps.

Step 3:  When you are ready to proceed, we request a retainer. This retainer is then billed against our hourly rate.

Step 4:  We continue to work together with you and your legal team as needed.  When the retainer is exhausted, we continue working together at the hourly rate, but now through regular invoicing.

Step 5:  After your divorce is finalized we continue working with you as a financial planner and asset manager. These services are fully outlined in a menu we can provide you. Fees for these services are determined on a case-by-case basis based on our custom fee schedule, which will also be made available to you.


*Actual services to be rendered will depend on the individual needs of each client. Not all services listed may be necessary in your situation.