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Real Divorce Talk with Dr. Sue: Interview with Marianna Goldenberg

Marianna & Dr. Sue Cornbluth, recognized expert in parenting, divorce and childhood trauma

Marianna & Dr. Sue Cornbluth, recognized expert in parenting, divorce and childhood trauma

Real Divorce Talk, with Internationally Recognized Parenting Expert Dr. Sue Cornbluth, provides honest and genuine perspectives on the "real" issues divorced parents are struggling with today, helping "Divorced Families" thrive in difficult and stressful situations.  Each week Dr. Sue brings the best experts in the field of divorce to navigate you through this difficult family issue. Recently, Marianna Goldenberg was invited to share the hour with Dr. Sue for a discussion on the impact divorce can have on your financial balance.

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Presentation to IQVIA Pharmaceutical Women’s Group in New York City

We were honored with the opportunity to present our approach to to achieving Financial Balance to IQVIA’s professional women on the rise, sharing statistics and strategic ways to grow wealth through employee benefits .

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Marianna Goldenberg Talking Divorce on Bloomberg Radio

Listen to Marianna Goldenberg recorded LIVE on Bloomberg Radio as she discusses the change in tax laws for 2019 as it pertains to divorce. (>> to 2:16 to skip market report)



"Not Your Average 529 Plan, Part Two" in Bucks Writs

Marianna continues her series on 529 plans for Education Planning with an application in Estate and Retirement Planning.

"While 529 plans are commonly used for education savings, they can also be used for tax-efficient estate transfer. This can be done through a process called forward gifting or superfunding."



"Not Your Average 529 Plan" in Bucks Writs

Marianna writes about Education Planning for your children and their qualified expenses in this first portion of a series in the Bucks County Bar Association magazine. 529 plans are no longer meant just for college expenses.

"In 2018 qualified expenses have been expanded to include expenses incurred at an eligible elementary or secondary school. "


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"How to Have an Amicable Divorce" in Real Woman

Marianna shares her insight on the law and finances to help you secure your best life after divorce.  

"Goldenberg stresses that the goal of a collaborative divorce is an “equitable, not equal” settlement. For instance, if a woman agrees that part of her settlement will be an IRA in her husband’s name and she’s not yet 59½, she won’t be able to use that money for current expenses unless she pays tax and a penalty to withdraw it. Translation: If the wife needs that money now, the split would not be equitable, even if her spouse receives an equal number of assets. If that’s a bit confusing or surprising, it only underscores the wisdom of seeking a professional who is schooled in divorce-related finances..."




In Focus on PHL17 with Steve Highsmith

Watch Marianna on PHL17's In Focus as she speaks with Steve Highsmith about what women should know about divorce financial planning and how a CDFA can help with the divorce process.




Dream Big Club with Real Woman

Curo is the proud sponsor of the Dream Big Club organized by Real Woman magazine.  This contest helps women achieve their wildest dreams and long-held ambitions. Tell us your dream, why you want to achieve it, and the steps you want to take to get there by submitting a proposal to Jess Downey from Real Woman at  Visit Real Woman's website for more details. 




"Split Decision" in Real Woman

Marianna speaks to Real Woman about what motivated her to become a CDFA and how she is able to help women in this role.

"Buoyed by strong word of mouth, especially among women, Goldenberg went out on her own after this “A-ha! moment” and founded CURO Wealth Management in Langhorne, Pa. She works to ensure her clients have a clear understanding of their post-divorce financial situation before an agreement is reached and there’s equitable distribution of assets for the short and long term."




"Working Together to Be Apart" in Suburban Life

Marianna and her fellow members of the Bucks County Collaborative Law Group speak about the collaborative approach to divorce.  The role of a financial professional in this process is crucial when working to equitably divide the marital assets.





Women's Choice Award in USA Today

Marianna earned the prestigious designation of being one of the First 100 advisors to receive the Women's Choice Award for Financial Advisors & Firms.  The award was created to help women identify trusted advisors and firms who provide quality service and a strong commitment to their female clientele.  See the excerpt on the left for more details. 

The Women’s Choice Award® (WCA®) Financial Advisor program was created by WomenCertified Inc., being listed is not an endorsement by them or their partners/affiliates and is no guarantee of future investment success. The award is based on 17 criteria: credentials, experience, regulatory history, etc. Advisors do not pay a fee to be considered or listed. WCA® Financial Advisors/Firms represent less than 1% of advisors in the U.S. As of 2/2014, of the 384 considered for the Women's Choice Award, 38 were named Women's Choice Award Financial Advisors/Firms:




"Financial Security Pushes Couples to Divorce Court" in The Philadelphia Inquirer

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