The PURPOSE Client

Working families are the Hercules of the American society, often juggling children, parents, work, life, and future goals.  The families are often busy shuttling children from activity to activity, while commuting to work, cooking meals, planning family vacations, saving for retirement, budgeting for the present….  Sometimes, the days are never-ending and the To-Do lists pile up, but they find purpose in the hectic times: to create a better life for those they cherish most. 

Our clients Kimberly and Alvin are experts on long To-Do lists.  Kimberly is a corporate executive director and Alvin is the proud owner and operator of a small bakery.  They have two children Gabby and Jordan, who they are constantly driving to-and-from school and sports centers for soccer tournaments and dance recitals.  Their children are in junior high and the other is entering high school.  Kimberly has parents who live a half hour away from her and Alvin’s parents live a happy retirement in Florida.  Kimberly and Alvin came to CURO with many questions and looked to us to help them strategize the many moving parts in their lives.


  • We are stressed out with work and juggling our finances.  Is there a way you can look at our finances and help us with our budget?
  • How can we plan for retirement?  We still want to have money for vacations, entertainment, and the other activities we enjoy.
  • How can we save for Gabby and Jordan’s college savings?  Should we do 529s or take out loans?
  • How can we maximize Kimberly’s executive benefits?  What is deferred compensation?  Options?
  • Do we have enough insurance? Should we purchase any outside of work?
  • How can we care for our aging parents and make sure they are in safe hands?
  • We are worried about what could happen to our children when we pass.  How can estate planning help with this?


With families like Kimberly and Alvin’s there are so many moving parts.  We helped them model their assets and plan for their well-deserved retirement.  We guided them through a plan to set aside enough for retirement and ease the stress many working families deal with.  We addressed the families’ goals by helping them save for their parents, their children, their daily expenses, and a much needed vacation!  Alvin and Kimberly said, “Each meeting, we leave CURO with peace of mind.  We are cared for … CURO knows what family is all about.” 

We are proud to help families and individuals achieve their goals and offer a variety of services to address their specific needs.