Meet Marianna:

Just a few belongings in hand, and the meager 50 dollars each we were allowed to take with us, we locked up our home in Moldova and made our way to America. I was 18 and I was relieved to be leaving behind the oppression and dangers of living in the Soviet Union.

Seeking a better life and a safe place to rebuild, where opportunity was the reward for integrity and ambition, we left everything and everyone we knew in Russia for a fresh start that awaited us in Pennsylvania. Hard work, big dreams, and an undeniable determination to succeed led me to The Wharton School of Business, where I earned degrees in mathematics and finance, thus kick-starting the career I am so passionate about today.

I never lose...I either win or learn.
— Nelson Mandela

Why did I choose this work?  

Numbers make sense to me in a way that I'm able to share my financial insight and comprehension with clients in a straightforward way, empowering them with an awareness they can carry forward, making smarter choices for themselves, now and for their future. Wealth management means more to me than balancing numbers and healthy returns. Every cent is precious to me, having started with so little myself. I chose this work because I empathize with the challenges one faces growing their savings and feel as though I'm helping my clients build and secure their futures, for themselves and their families. In particular, I'm most proud of the work we do with women, for women, whether that be encouraging their rise to the glass ceiling or providing support as they manage a challenging turn in their lives.

There is a powerful quote that embodies the essence of our office and hangs above my desk as a daily reminder of our purpose. These words were shared with me by a client embarking on a fresh start of her own, after we were able to guide her through a divorce, ensuring financial security for her and her children. 


Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

I have been honored to work alongside and be supported by so many amazing women throughout my career, that as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), I can return that support by helping families navigate the best path for their futures. I keep cherished notes from all of my clients close by, so I am always reminded of why I chose this line of work: to make a difference in someone’s life; to inspire other women in my circle as they have done for me; and to affect change in our culture and community.  My hope is that our world will be a better place for my daughters, Becca & Abbey, as they enter the workforce and make their own way, paying forward the same practice to others.


A zealous life  

This fire for life is ignited not just by helping clients, but also a fervent appetite for travel. Brazil, the Greek Isles, Tahiti…these are just a few of my favorite places to visit and talk about with my clients. On a dreary or cold day, you might even catch me daydreaming in my office about a beautiful warm beach somewhere tropical. Of course, there’s a family photo taken on one of our trips that sits on my desk to keep me motivated on those days. Seeing the world and sharing the experiences with my family, brings immeasurable joy to my life that happily spills over to my work life too. I delve into every travel blog I find, and my daughters and I love to curl up together watching travel shows and discussing where we want to explore next.  Our dog Lola loves to join us on the sofa for the conversations and provides the happy stress relief at the end of a long day.


Oh the places you’ll go  

For years I’ve been sharing the Dr. Seuss poem with my friends and clients: at the birth of a child, a school graduation, retirement, a new chapter in one’s life. It’s my way of imparting a sense of adventure and inspiration to someone with the whole world before them. There is so much to see and do that I really love to share my own excitement with my clients and encourage them to dream of faraway places they aspire to experience. Then we work together to make a plan to make those dreams happen. I’m so proud to see the photos of these accomplished dreams adorning the walls of our office and welcoming our new clients to do the same. 


In a nutshell  

When it comes to my clients, I take care of everything relating to their finances. I love teaching and empowering them to make important decisions for their financial future, helping to set them off on a better path than where they started.  I especially love it when they bring their kids into the conversation, so they can learn too and I can help them save for their futures. One day, and I’m sure I will make it happen, I hope to create a financial literacy program for my clients’ children, to teach them how to be financially independent and successful in life, paying it forward, literally.