We're in this together. 

“Go see Marianna, she'll take care of you.” 

These are the words that started it all, leading so many of our clients to us over the years. Through friends and family members, colleagues and neighbors, we have built CURO on those very words - taking care of our clients' needs -  and that is the most important aspect of our business. 

We’re not your commonplace financial planning firm. You won’t find stuffy shirts and boxy briefcases here. We’re a team of strong, smart women, engaging and driving forward in a male-dominated industry. We are mothers and daughters striving to make an impact in our community, to better the lives of women and their families through financial awareness and empowerment. 

When our founder, Marianna decided to branch out from the corporate foundation she began her career on, she knew she wanted to put emphasis on what made her stand out from others in the finance industry. Being both an immigrant and a women, she knew those two factors alone made her unique, but she wanted the focus to be on what she could do for her clients rather than her own merits. Marianna fought for every step forward she achieved throughout her career, and that drive continues as she advocates for our clients, reciprocating that same ambition to serve their needs.  CURO, the Latin word for “to take care” made perfect sense and in June of 2014, CURO Wealth Management was founded with more than 20 years of industry experience. While she is not in the least bit of Latin decent, she is as passionate as one, and felt it was a fitting name choice for this company she built up from just a few clients, to planning and strategizing for many families and their next generation. 

The cornerstone of our success and the foundation on which CURO was built on, can be conveyed in three simple, but important practices of our firm: family comes first – be independent – help others. This formula for business and life is echoed in every decision we make with our clients, helping you to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams for the future, be that a college savings plan for your children, preparing a nest egg for future retirement, or something fun like the aspiration of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or building your dream home along the shore. We've done it all and we have the Dream Wall to prove it! More importantly, our clients know that we sincerely mean it when we say, “We’re in this together.”

If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.
— Dolly Parton