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Workshop in Capturing Nature's Beauty through Eco-Printing

Eco-Printing is the process of embedding botanical “stamps” directly from plant material.

Working with natural elements such as leaves, blossoms, berries, eucalyptus, flower petals, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and bark, collected from your own garden and all around you, each artist will create a naturally made silk scarf or cotton bandanna.  The “images” and color that will be embodied within the fabric will reflect the actual color that the plant material transfers. 

The unique and sought-after class will begin with an introduction to the process given by local artist Kathleen Lang,. This will be followed by a nature walk along the river to collect botanical items for use in the printing/dying process. Using no chemicals or additives, each artist will then learn how to use the plant material to decorate their own blank scarf, provided to them. After completing the design, each artist will bind their work with materials provided and prepare for the cooking and curing process. Artists’ completed scarves will be shipped a week after class.

No experience is necessary, but imagination is preferred. There is no charge for this event, however it is by invitation only for our referring clients. If you are interested in joining us, please email with your interest.