Meet Sam

I love country music, and at one point was really counting on Luke Bryan being my next husband. If you’ve ever seen him perform, you’d understand why. Clearly that plan didn’t work out for me. Instead this country girl fell in love with a country boy, and we married in the Tennessee countryside surrounded by just a few of our closest friends. 

While my husband was stationed with the Army we lived in Nashville, in the heart and soul of country music, where the only thing that plays louder than the good ol’ vibes of Honky Tonk through the car stereos, is the patriotism that resonates loudly in the character of everyone you meet. Living in the thick of country music land was one of the best experiences for me: road-tripping, exploring places along the way, finding new spots that are unique and memorable – these adventures with my family make the best memories for me. Throw in some karaoke (not that I can carry a note) and baseball slip and slide and that’s my perfect weekend. 

Could we be any more country that that? Well, yes we can, we have a German Shepard named Dodge – not named for being quick on his feet, but you guessed it, named after a truck. I lost the naming bet with my husband, although, it could have been worse, Jeep was in the running for a few hours. He’s our big baby and he takes good care of us. 

Family Life

Fast forward a couple of years and life could not be better for us after moving back to Pennsylvania. It’s nothing like living in Music City, USA but we have plenty of excitement going in our house. We’re still outdoorsy people and love concerts under the stars and ATV riding through the woods, but nowadays our time is spent with the two little men that rule our home, and our hearts. Two years apart, John David, or JD for short, named after my father and grandfather turned 2 just a few days before our littlest love, Kevin, named after my husband, joined our happy brood. They are the most adorable, wild and carefree little boys. You could certainly say I’m outnumbered in our house – but I have no complaints, I love the adventures (if not the grey hairs) that come with raising our boys. 


Bearing it all

I came to work for CURO in 2016 and absolutely love what I do and the people I work with, both in the office and our clients. I’m a doer, go-getter kind of person. I’m organized and thorough and really enjoy managing the projects of this office and supporting my team, so that we can serve our clients’ needs the best way possible. You could say I’m like the Mama Bear of this office, taking care of all of them so they can take care of our clients, and it’s a role I’m happy to take on. Grrrrrrrr…