Meet Danielle


I Love Food! I’m not saying I’m a big eater, but I am very passionate about exploring different cuisines. For the most part, I’m open-minded and welcome new experiences into my life pretty easily. Originally from Reading, I moved to Philly right after college and now live in the artsy and burgeoning Fishtown District, where cool music and culinary trends take off. While I’m not much of a traveler yet, due mostly to lack of time or opportunity, I love to discover the local haunts popping up in all directions of my neighborhood. From breweries and distilleries to new bistros and gastro pubs, it’s all fun and exciting to me that I live right in the middle of it. 

Anyone who knows me could tell you it doesn’t take anything fancy to make me happy: give me a slice of pepperoni pizza from Franco’s and an Indie film in one of the quaint landmark theatres, where I can have a cup of La Colombe coffee and some really good chocolate, and I’m content. Of course this wouldn’t be complete without my boyfriend Matt and the good conversations we have every time we’re out somewhere in town. He’s a chef at one of those trend-setting bistros,  so eating out is often and always comes with lots of interesting discussion. 


Home Town

Philadelphia in general has a lot to offer me with its laid-back downtown-y vibe, while also spilling over with pride and history. I feel relaxed there, yet still in the center of so much culture and energy. It’s the perfect city for living, staying active and being involved, yet it isn’t overwhelming in size. I feel like part of a community there, especially with so many of my Penn State grad friends – we make it a regular occurrence to get together for the games in the fall. This year, I sprung for the season tickets!

As if I’m not already active enough, running on the weekends, spin classes in the mornings before work, Matt and I recently adopted a dog named Fiona. She’s a sweet Staffy-mix who’s been waiting for someone to give her the attention she deserves. One look at Fiona and I knew we were meant to be. I’m sure she will meld right into our lifestyle and soon be joining us for weekend adventures around the city and beyond.  One thing’s for sure, she’ll eat well. 


Finding my place

I took my first job right after graduation at IBM, which is what brought me to Philly in the first place. While I didn’t fall for the corporate world, it helped me to realize I wanted a much more fulfilling career where I could have a direct impact with those I served. From the first call with Marianna, we hit it off and her energy was infectious. I could tell she loved what she did and I wanted to love what I did too.  

Today, I truly enjoy the inherent aspects of my work - getting to know our clients and researching and preparing investment opportunities for them on an ongoing basis. Marianna and I support one another and work together to ensure our clients’ needs are met financially, yet I often work independently, servicing our young professional clients with a relatable perspective of someone in the same shoes, anticipating the future and preparing for whatever comes ahead. 

When asked recently if I had a favorite motto I live by, I realized I don't really, but there is a quote I found that I love and it speaks to me: 

You are not an imposter. You are for real. It’s not luck, timing, or a lie. You deserve it.

I’ve been fortunate to achieve success most of my life, as an athlete and a student, but not because life was easy or anything was handed to me, I worked for it, and yet I feel insecure at times, as so many women do. I work hard to maintain the level of success I’ve experienced early in life and this quote speaks to a lot of the insecurities that I have about my own struggles. I know other women question their success and authenticity too, which is why I’m so passionate about what we’re doing at CURO: women helping women, rebuilding families, growing and securing a future we can be proud to say we deserve.