Meet Dana Caro, Marketing Manager at CURO

There’s a place that I visited once that always stands out in my mind when I think of where I’ve been and dream of what’s ahead. It’s a quaint little village that sits high up on a cliff, carved by the wild ocean waves of the western Atlantic waters. The people are warm and hospitable, opening their doors to young travelers with a glass of Sherry and slice of home-baked heaven.  It must be the breathtaking, expansive view of this side of the world that keeps them humble; it certainly awestruck me and left an indelible imprint on my soul. The place is Sagres, the southwestern-most point of Europe, and if you’re lucky enough, on a clear day you can see as far as Gibraltar.

I always think about this place and that time of my life, what it felt like to look out over the vast blueness of sea and sky from that vantage point. Life could not be more different now, nor could I be any happier. If you asked me a few years ago to tell you about myself, I would have said I love to travel. I thrived on the adventure of living in different places, seeking out unique little places to explore, meeting people and sharing stories. I would have also told you I’m a crafty DIYer – I love the challenge of making things myself, taking photographs, or giving antique furniture an updated look. Neither of these things happen much these days.

My adventures are at home, as a Mom, juggling the energetic needs of a curious little man (who just started walking at the time of this writing) and as a wife to a dedicated, career-driven husband. When I settle down at night, I often dream of all the exciting places and things I can’t wait to see and do with our wide-eyed wild child and think: One day.

Traveling lately consists of moving from Fort Lauderdale to New York City to Nashville and back to New Jersey (where I’m from), just in the last four years, thanks mostly to my husband’s occupation. While I don’t enjoy living out of boxes, I have learned so much in each place and it has given me a taste of the life I once led, but more importantly, made me a stronger, better person all around.

Destination living can be so much fun with so much to do, but Dorothy was right – there’s no place like home! Today, I happily have roots from which to grow from and love watching my little boy explore the world with as much curiosity and wonder as I did. I’m both grateful and excited to be working with this amazing team of women at CURO, bridging my experience with outreach and communications, with their warmth and passion for helping their clients, while serving one another with kindness and compassion.

I’m so happy to have landed here. Wanderlust never ceases and I still dream of far off places we’ll explore as a family, but in this moment, I find joy in the everyday, knowing that those escapades of my youth will breathe life into the stories I’ll tell my son as he grows, and will inspire him to live curiously and fearlessly, with his whole heart. I can’t think of a sweeter adventure than that.